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Our team & organization

The expertise of our teams and the excellent coordination of our services enable OCA to respond quickly to your needs to ensure efficient monitoring of your project.

Commercial service

Our sales staff receive technical training in order to offer you the best advice for your projects.

Always listening, we adapt to each project in order to best meet your different needs.

Research and Development (R&D) division

Our engineers constantly develop new processes (with the regular filing of patents) to offer you ever more innovative processes. Regulatory requirements, technical analyses of specifications, our employees study your needs with rigor and professionalism.

Design office

OCA has expertise in 3D design to best materialize the imagined system and guarantee a perfect integration of the conveyor into your processes.

In constant technological surveillance, our design office ensures the technical feasibility of your project.

Business manager

Our employees ensure the smooth running of your project by taking care of the commercial, technical and financial aspects.

We offer solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, following the files in full: from the elaboration of the quote to the invoicing and delivery of the system.

Production workshop

The versatility of our technicians and their solid knowledge of industrial processes ensure the quality of our facilities.

Their analytical and initiative minds complement and optimize the handling systems created by our engineers.

Mounting team

Our fitters carry out precise adjustments and checks in order to comply with safety and quality standards.

Equipped with a great sense of communication with our customers and our various services, our team members ensure the compliance of your facilities.

After-sales service

Our teams are at your disposal with the responsiveness you need. Available to answer your questions, manage your requests, we are also there to provide you, if necessary, with technical assistance.

Customer satisfaction at OCA is an ongoing commitment

Maintenance – Maintenance Contract

Our maintenance teams are responsive and available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm on: 02 41 75 64 40.

  • The service life of our installations is guaranteed over time thanks to good maintenance,
  • Good maintenance means peace of mind, sparing you unforeseen downtime or breakage.

We therefore offer you a maintenance contract, designed to avoid unnecessary repair or replacement costs – which would be contrary to the objective of your investment: to increase your productivity and profitability.


In the event of an emergency, our teams can intervene outside working hours and days.


Our facilities are guaranteed 1 year from the date of receipt of this one (excluding wear parts).