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The specialist in air conveyors and handling 

For more than 40 years, OCA has put its expertise at the service of various industries, offering its know-how as an aerial handling contractor.

We study, design, manufacture and install overhead conveyors and special machines, manual or automated, intended to facilitate the handling, transport and storage of loads (from a few hundred grams to nearly 10 tons) in all industrial sectors.

Our mission ?

To offer you overhead handling systems adapted to all your projects, from the simplest to the most demanding.

Our overhead conveyors are developed to meet all needs: creation of a conveyor line, modification, retrofit or even development of production areas or warehouses.

We accompany you throughout your project via a set of services, from the design to the maintenance of your installation.

The different aerial handling systems

Whatever your type of industry (food processing, surface treatment, automotive, industrial laundry…) the handling, transport and storage of your goods requires particular attention depending on the load you are transporting, its weight and the space in which it circulates. Choosing the right conveyor system will allow you to optimize your productivity.

The overhead conveyors designed by OCA are adapted to the constraints and obligations of hygiene and security of your industry.

Depending on your needs, the handling of your products can be manual or automated and carried out by a monorail or birail overhead conveyor.

Why integrate an overhead conveyor into your industrial space ?

Our company designs handling systems for all industries. Our overhead conveyors have the following objectives:

> To save space by using the unused air space in your factory

> To increase your production rates

> To prevent RSI, by preserving the health of production operators through the development of ergonomic workstations

To simplify the industrialization of your products, we offer solutions adapted to production, packaging and assembly lines…

A complete range of overhead conveyors adapted to your industry and your needs

Overhead conveyors, automated systems, special machines

OCA offers a complete range of products dedicated to aerial handling and intended for the following sectors of activity


(transport and storage of clothes, bags of sheets…)


(heavy load transport, supply of assembly lines…)


(transport of bins and boxes, compliance with sanitary standards, etc.)


(all industries)


(painting, galvanizing, sandblasting…)


(presentation and scrolling of products…)

Choosing OCA for your air transport projects means choosing :

> A leading brand in the overhead conveyor and air handling market at the service of industry and layout,

> Innovative systems to meet all customer needs, related to transport, and the transfer and storage of more or less heavy loads and goods,

> Adapted solutions to improve ergonomics, facilitate handling or logistics work and make tasks less painful,

> A tailor-made or key offer to improve in productivity and efficiency,

> The guarantee of quality, the pledge of reliability and the assurance of performance,

> 100% made in France… our products are imagined, designed and manufactured by our teams, with a part subcontracted to companies in our region,

> The choice of proximity, flexibility and adaptability to give you complete satisfaction,

> A company on a human scale in western France, with values based on benevolence, team spirit and good working conditions.

An offer of customized overhead conveyors & handling automatism

Designed by our design office and manufactured in the workshops at Ouest Convoyeur Automatisme, our overhead conveyors and aerial handling solutions are entirely designed to meet your operational needs, your professional constraints, your productivity challenges, your wishes to optimize floor spaces…

Our teams are therefore committed to offering you tailor-made and key solutions, in perfect harmony with your industry and your activity (laundry, food production, automotive, painting, layout …) and support throughout your project, from the research phase to the installation of your overhead conveyor.

Our solutions are up to your ambitions…
and your requirements are our projects of today and our challenges of tomorrow!

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