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Rolling beam and load transfer

Handling constraints in the industrial sector

Manufacturers face different constraints in their production: handling and weight of loads, ergonomics of workstations or health constraints. Similarly, it is often difficult for production operators to move around a large area with a heavy load. All of these factors are factors in the slowdown in industrial production. In addition, they can be the cause of the onset of musculoskeletal disorders in certain operators when handling loads.

Rolling beam and load transfer: an OCA solution to optimize your productivity

Productivity and health at work are essential issues to ensure the profitability of an industrial manufacturing unit. OCA has therefore optimized a system called load transfer by rolling beams which makes it possible to supplement conventional overhead conveyors, which are mainly suitable for “lighter” loads: from 1 to 1,000 kg. More flexible and flexible, the poutre roulante is both economical and practical.

Description and Operation of OCA Rolling Beam and Load Transfer System

Between the beam and the carriages, articulated connections allow a translation without blocking of the rolling beam and thus facilitate the use of the latter by the operators.

OCA beams can be equipped with :

  • Manual, pneumatic or electric hoist
  • Suction cup gripping system

This handling process offers a movement in space wider than a ferry system, the OCA rolling beam can move on 3 axes: 2 axes (Y and X) for the movement of the beam and 1 axis (Z) for moving the beam.

Rolling beam

Beyond the questions of type of goods to be lifted, transferred and stored, the issue of weight is obviously central, especially when it tends to become heavy. The rolling beam system allows the transport and storage of loads up to 1000 kg, ideal for all industrial sectors.

The advantages of overhead beam and load transfer OCA

The OCA rolling beam system offers several benefits:

  • Ensure safety when handling loads
  • Offer ergonomics at the workstation level by reducing hardship
  • Enable better productivity
  • Allow work at height by freeing up floor space

The rolling beam is therefore positioned as a modular, adaptable and economical solution in the face of overhead cranes. It is also applicable to all industries.

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