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Ergonomic constraints in the industrial sector

In industry, operators are required to handle more or less heavy loads. These loads regularly need to be transferred from one area to another (paint booth to oven, to storage area, etc.). The weight and height of the parts to be handled are factors that slow down industrial production. In addition, they can be the cause of the onset of musculoskeletal disorders in some operators when handling these loads.

The ferry: an OCA solution to optimize your productivity

Productivity and health at work are essential issues to ensure the profitability of an industrial manufacturing unit. OCA has therefore optimized a system called a ferry. It is an aerial handling aid system. It is also called manual rolling beam. It is made up of a set of rails resting on rolling bases creating rolling paths. This system then allows the transfer of loads from one area to another. Its central mast with its ergonomic handles by ¼ turn rotation allows ease of movement for the operators who use it. The OCA ferry therefore makes it possible to move loads effortlessly.


The involvement of our R&D department in the design of our systems offers a complete product with rolling quality and a locking system providing safety and ergonomics in the work of your operators.

The specificities of an OCA ferry

The OCA ferry associated with a conveyor can integrate several “options” in order to meet more specific needs :

  • A rotating station
  • Distribution on several lanes providing a method of storing loads in parallel to optimize production space.
  • Drawer switch
  • Rotating rudder
  • Tilting rails for existing oven
  • Lifting station. The ferry incorporating a lifting station offers a more complete movement than the classic version: can go in Z, Y and X.

Ferry incorporating a lifting station

The advantages of an OCA ferry

The OCA ferry offers several benefits:

  • Ensure safety when handling loads
  • Offer ergonomics at the workstation level by reducing hardship
  • Enable better productivity
  • Allow work at height by freeing up floor space

Areas of application of the OCA ferry

The OCA ferry can have several uses:

  • Supply a paint booth
  • Transfer products :
    – From a painting area to a drying area
    – Towards a cooling zone
    – VTo a waiting / storage area
    – Towards a production area
    – Transfer between workstations

This type of conveyor is very present in the surface treatment and painting industry but can be applied to all types of industries.

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